As soon as the first sketch appeared to the mind as if by magic, the inspiration for the Lady of Real Estate, always looking for horizons of experimentation between Swiss perfectionism and all-Italian taste, was immediate: “We are the space we occupy. Happy or suffering, in resonance with what surrounds us. We need to educate a certain culture of living that is a cuddle. Compass of existence. An oasis in which to recognise oneself and feel good, cradled,” says Maura Wasescha, revealing the exceptional DNA of her new adventure.

Thus was born ‘Casa Maura’, the first of its kind. A universe of rituals for the home, according to the vision of the international godmother of the most conscious wellbeing, who has turned luxury into a craft of excellence. To create the dreams never dared of the most reserved families in Europe and beyond, for whom she has become a certainty of bien-etre to the nth power, that of the Engadine, her heart valley, from which she orchestrates.

Masterpieces to be invented, to the breath of the truest Made in Italy, the one that tastes of hands at work, for a unique dream of creativity, to light up the cosmos of one’s home with peace.

A sinuosity of antique materials and purely eco-responsible works, for a romance of sustainability. An energy of numbered accessoires, unobtainable on the market. Limited editions, strictly made-to-measure, according to the infinity of desires. Only and exclusively to order. For the taste of waiting for the time of creation. A choice of awareness of the value of that savoir-faire that moves, the root of Italian craftsmanship that ‘Casa Maura’ proudly upholds right from its name, echo of Italy. For a luxury that turns to its origins, elegance of simplicity.

An ad hoc world in ode to the Maison that is a renaissance of hearth, in faith to the original most sacred etymology of the house, of the ancient fire of the goddess Estia who is its guardian. Because, according to the pen of Argentina’s Jorge Louis Borges, every dwelling is a candelabrum where lives burn in secluded flame. So that the wonders by Maura Wasescha, or selected by her, are ritual designs. To oxygenate those ‘flames of conviviality’. Like the splendid composé plate in 24-carat gold, or platinum, wavy ceramic. To tell of the centrality of the hearth. Textural, so sensual, from the touch of the happy fingers of artisans in the making amidst clay bricks cut with harp thread and kiln firing. For an art of over twenty days for each individual creation. With unexpected shapes, one never the same as the other, for a gesture of delicate rebellion. To envelop and cradle the dishes, according to an idea of the table that is sharing. To be enjoyed in harmony. That of the special essence by Maura Wasescha, in the tones of emotion. A sparkling eau d’Engadine, in the nuances of Asia and the Mediterranean, amidst the woodiness of Swiss stone pine and citrus. A unicum housed in solid wood boxes with an organic rope handle. Unveiling bottles of antique apothecary, essential white, caressed by the silk satin bow of ad hoc coils. Illuminated by the gold leaf of the beating wings in roundness, symbol of the evolving world of Maura Wasescha, of which Casa Maura is the second born. All the way to candles with a 100% soot-free wick, veiled in a now-dying blend of loden and cotton. As well as variations for hands and for the environment and fabrics, in spray. Well-being gifts, in boxes made of handmade paper, the most sought-after ecological paper. Or wrapped in tissue paper of rare workmanship, smoothed to look like silk, from one of the most sophisticated small printing houses. Passing through the cradle of secret jewellery boxes, in fine hand-stitched leather, by master saddle-makers. According to the nest concept. Like the surprise egg of cutlery, Design Egg, at the heart of Casa Maura’s poetics. An ode to life, in the sweet memory of those warm, almost golden eggs, caught in the chicken coop as a child and secretly enjoyed, before being sold by Granny. Silvering inspiration from the first brass skin, thanks to an almost primitive workmanship, for an effect of mystery, mirror-like. Right down to the engraving, diamond-tipped, always in ensemble with the environment, respecting its stones. Same Zen-like softness for the silver-plated jugs. Cylindrical and rounded. To welcome water and its healing miracle. From the hand-shaped beak, piece by piece, to the butterfly handle in flight. For a magic wand of welding, by fire.

A play on details: the satin label on each box, the white glove supplied, for maximum care. Like the one for wine, prince of conviviality. A work of art to be framed, with the Bottle Holders designed by Maura Wasescha. To house the most precious bottles, according to the best inclination for oxygenation, in a Limited Edition signed by hand, in diamond point. Moving on to the silk velvet of the tailors’ looms, the only ones still embroidering flashes of gold thread from a company dating back to the 1500s. To clutch bags with pure Vichy or cotton interiors of antique prints of carved wooden matrices. And the diaries made of hand-sewn Venetian paper in selected weights. Companions in time, for a home ménage that is a form of relaxation. Together with the ipad holder in natural textured leather, with secret pocket of femininity and flexibility, in whalebone. For a search for natural fibres between innovation and design that is haute couture of the home. All the way to the vases in glass roundness to shed light on the flowers, to the pyramid constellation candelabra, in brushed bronze or absolute black. To the cache-pot in ceramic cabbage leaf. Each piece in its own right, sculpted and brushed, according to the patterns of nature. Casa Maura goes far beyond the living trend by making objects a feeling of sustainability. They encapsulate a way of loving, as well as of living.

“If you don’t know who you are, you can never have your own home, it will always belong to others,” concludes Maura Wasescha, who has made her own the lesson of the German master of architecture Mies van der Rohe. ‘Less is more’. According to the spirit of her resurgent, decidedly New York-style space in the heart of St Moritz. To celebrate over 40 years of evolution in the name of the house that, for her, is woman. In synergy with her son Michael-Angelo and his family. Among cascades of columns, magnetic steps, a table of seduction, tailor made. Worked like leather by Italian iron masters. And a divertissement of curves, his very own contemporary version of the Engadine meditation bench.

So that the home is a promise of belonging, in a conviviality that becomes a fairy tale, all to be discovered.

Once upon a time there was Casa Maura!

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